Creepy and Strange Things I’ve Seen Showing Houses

Shawn Clark
Published on February 21, 2017

Creepy and Strange Things I’ve Seen Showing Houses


Showing houses is always interesting. It’s one of the things I enjoy most about real estate. One of the things that makes it so interesting is that you never know what you are going to see.

Whoa!!! What is that?!?

By far the creepiest and most surprising thing I’ve seen was the Halloween decoration used in the cover photo for this post. My client was looking around in what I would call an “interior crawl space” when suddenly he yelled out, “Whoa!!! What is that?!?” I had to get a picture of it.

I’ve tried to take pictures of every weird and creepy thing that came along in my showings. I usually take a picture and post it on Facebook. People seemed to enjoy and look forward to my various pictures of weird things, so here they are, all in one place.

The “Bloody” Bathroom

No, it’s not actually blood. Someone just decided to sponge paint their bathroom with a dark red paint. The entire bathroom. In person, I thought it looked like a murder scene.

The Creepy Maid

In a benign photo, this doesn’t look like much, but when you walk in the door…alone…and catch this out of the corner of your eye…trust me, it gets your attention. An odd decoration if you ask me.

Drawer Art?

I doubt they were actually hung as art. More like cheap shelves, I assume.

Custom Sink

I’ve never seen the hot and cold handles mounted in the counter in front of the sink before. Have you?

The Bat Cave

We found this little bat hiding in a small unfinished basement at the house my clients actually ended up buying. We left the door open for a bit and he finally flew out. Problem solved…we hope.

Hot Tub Relief

I intentionally left the seat up…exactly as I found it.

House Feature: Huge Porch

Luckily my clients had a sense of humor too, because they love this house. I said, “Maybe you can install a sideways swing.” We had fun with it.

My Biggest Fans

I’ve seen some small ceiling fans before, but this is the smallest. And the dirtiest.

Here’s another one.

Of course my friends enjoyed making fun of me by sharing stuff like this one below. “Hand shown for scale” they say.

Shelf Space

It’s not a great picture, but there was this shelf that was mounted within an inch of the ceiling. Maybe they had some really thin belongings? I later realized they must have installed it only for hanging clothes.

Marriage Foreclosed Too?

Mind you, this was a vacant foreclosure. So whoever left this, left it for good. We were trying to decide how creepy it was for a wedding dress to be the only item left in the house.

Let’s Watch Some TV…Not

Moss Mat

The green moss had literally taken over this outdoor rug.

Lift My Spirits

Saloon Party?

Automatic Closet Light

You have to give them credit for ingenuity, if not fire protection.

The Upper Room

It’s hard to describe how creepy this room was without seeing it in person. The access stairs were from what looked like a closet in the bathroom. Once you got up there you found that coffin sized box that just (coincidentally?) would fit a body.

Disco Switch Cover

More Air Please

No Need To Pull The Meter…Ever

Caution: Low Clearance (yes, that’s my blood)

If you’re in the market for a house, and you want to look for your own creepy things, give me a call. We’ll set up some showings. You never know what you’re going to find!

And while you’re at it check out these five tips on getting ready to buy your home, or our free buyer guide.

You can also watch my video buying guide here.

Creepy and Strange Things I’ve Seen Showing Houses
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