Maryland could be considered a small state, but it offers an impressive variety of reasons for living here (or moving here). I’ll lay out a few of my favorites, but I’m sure you’ll find your own.

Four Equal Seasons

I’ve always felt like moving farther north wasn’t an option, but moving south would mean going all the way to Florida. Let me explain.

Moving north would mean more cold and more snow, which isn’t exciting. But moving slightly farther south would mean still being cold part of the year, but with less and less of the white stuff.

Which is fine. Snow can be a problem too. But if I’m going to be cold, I’d like to see some snow. Living in a slightly more southern state – just enough to lose the snow but not enough to lose the cold – just isn’t appealing to me. I would have to go all the way to Florida.

Maryland provides all four seasons in one place, and on an equal footing. Summer is as long as winter. Spring and Fall are glorious. Going south has its merits, but if you like a little snow with your cold, this is a nice place to be.

No Extreme Weather

We seem to have a nice balance here, with few of the weather and other environmental problems seen in other parts of the country. For instance, we have enough rain to be green, but not so much to be Seattle. Nor do we have droughts.

We have just enough rain, but not too much. So our plants stay green and we don’t have water restrictions, but there are still plenty of sunny days for golf or sailing or biking or whatever else you like to do.

We rarely get floods or hurricanes or tornadoes or earthquakes too.

It’s just a nice even environment with few nasty extremes to deal with.

Wide Variety of Activities

Similar to California, we have mountains and water within reach of each other. They are farther apart here, but you can still see mountains and the ocean (or the Chesapeake Bay) in the same day pretty easily.

This means you can drive to skiing in the winter and drive to the beach in the summer. We are neither landlocked nor stuck on the flat plains.

We have boating on the Chesapeake. We have Ocean City, which many come from far away to enjoy. Plenty of golf courses. Hiking and biking on our trails and winding roads. Wineries. Skiiing and snowboarding. Surfing. Waterskiing. Indoor rock climbing and skydiving now. The list is endless.

Worldclass Sailing (and Boating in General)

The Chesapeake Bay is well known as a mecca for sailing. And on a nice summer day you can see hundreds of sailboats on the bay (but not so many that it’s crowded or annoying).

It’s great for power boating too, with a bunch of rivers and creeks and other little pockets to explore. There are even some islands.

Washington, Philadelphia, New York

Maryland has a nice city in Baltimore, but here you are not limited to one large city. You are always within reach of several other enjoyable cities to visit. Washington DC is known worldwide, as is New York City. But Philadelphia also has a lot offer, with some excellent restaurants and night life and site seeing. I’ve always been pleasantly surprised by Philadelphia.

But Wait, There’s More

There’s much more to this place we call Maryland, but you’ll have to discover the rest for yourself. It’s just not possible to cover all of it in one article. The bike trails. The hiking. The malls. The shopping. The casinos (yes, we have a few of them now). The list goes on.

When you come to visit, you can find some new things and share some of your favorites with me. Thanks for reading!